The 10k songs.

In order to showcase the sound manipulation capabilities of LGPT, we started a contest amongst us piggsters known as the '10k' comp where song had to be written using exclusively a very small sample pack containing only 10k worth of samples ripped from Amiga's musicline tracker. With time, the pack got modified a little by some of the artist while still staying under 15K. All songs are rendered directly from LGPT's output.

You can also download the song files to play / edit at will


Standard pack song

  Salkinitzor: Steppy litte feet

  Mathletes : Land of the lost theme song

  M-.-n : Tardline

  Overthruster : La merde

  K9D : Moonfish

  JonBro : Parabellum to Plowshares

  Toytone : Seagulls in 3D

Altered pack song

  Toytone : 10k-ok

  Starpause : Glass