Welcome to the dowload page

All versions are available for free ; however, if you like the project and want to contribute, don't hesitate to do a small donation. If you'd like to see the piggy wiggling on your particular hardware, you can try donation too. The archive containing executables for all platforms is here:

Stable Builds

Stable versions are the official packages. They might be a little (sometimes a lot) behind the ghetto build but at least you are sure you're not risking anything

GP2X (V1.1h_043 - 11/11/06)

Caanoo (V1.1h_043 - 11/11/06)

PSP (V1.1h_043 - 11/11/06)

Dingoo (V1.1h_043 - 11/11/06)

Debian (V1.1h_043 - 11/11/06)

OSX (V1.1h_043 - 11/11/06)

W32 (V1.1h_043 - 11/11/06)

Ghetto Builds

Ghetto builds are intermediate builds that are up for testing as functionality are implemented. Sometimes there's a LOT of stuff in there that aren't in the stable builds, but you might be playing with fire (although it's pretty stable usually). Ghetto builds only provide executable so you might miss something if you grab just those.

GP2X Caanoo PSP Dingoo OSX W32 Debian Raspi